What do you know about the British Isles?

WebQuest para 3º Curso de ESO


Mª José Pinalla Solis


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As you know, next May our school is going to organize a Cultural Week and it is our duty to prepare a brochure to contribute to it and get people to know British culture (traditions, food, education…). Besides, through this unit you will get a lot of information about the topics proposed and it will allow you to compare both cultures.

Will you be able to do it? Let’s start


Each member of your group will become an expert who will gather information on a different aspect related to the British Isles by using Internet web sites . When you have all the information you need, organise it in a sensible way and prepare a power point presentation and a brochure including information about the countries which make up The British Isles, the food, the festivals…. In addition, you must include pictures and images to appeal to the eyes of other students. Then you will have to explain it orally to the class

Finally you will notice the differences between life in The British Isles and your own lifestyle and you will decide if you would like to live in any of its countries and why.


Here are the steps you have to follow to do the task:

1. Your teacher will make groups of five.

2. Each member has to choose an aspect of the British Isles and become its expert by doing the subtask required in each case. The topics and subtasks are:

a)The British Isles:

Subtask: Find information about the countries which make up the British Isles.

Draw or capture maps about these countries.

Answer these questions:

·I’m British, but I don’t come from England or Wales.” Where does he come from?

·Yes, I’m a citizen of The United Kingdom, but I don’t live in Great Britain.” Where does he come from?

·I live in the British Isles but I’m not from the UK! Where does he come from?

b) Festivals and celebrations:

Subtask: choose three famous celebrations and write a report about them stating when, why and how  they  are celebrated.

c) Traditional British food:


· What do the British eat?

· When do they eat their meals?

· What are their meals called?

· What is the difference between a typical breakfast and a traditional one?

· Write a report and capture images of traditional British dishes

· Elaborate a menu you can eat in a pub including the price in pounds, then calculate the cost of the menu in euros.

d) Education in Britain:

Subtask: Look for relevant information about  the education in Britain: the age children start school, different types of schools, the school days, the vacation, the hours students attend schools, the subjects they study. Compare this system with the one we have in Spain and find out what year you would be in England.

e) Famous places and monuments to visit:

Subtask: choose three famous places and monuments to visit, write a report saying where they are and why they are famous. You can capture images to make it more attractive.

f) Using the information and images you've chosen, create a Power Point and a brochure to be presented to the class.















Diccionario inglés-español online http://www.wordreference.com/definicion/


Very bad
Not bad

Group Work
The group has not worked as a unit, members just cared about their work

Little interest for their partners’ work, poor interaction
Some interaction between group members, differences between work sections are almost imperceptible
Very homogeneous work, great interest

Power Point

Scarcely informative, information copied directly from the web pages but coherence problems

A bit informative, information copied from the web pages, few coherence problems

Good level of production, appropriate vocabulary and grammatical structures

High level of production, very well presented and structured, correct use of vocabulary and grammatical structures

Reflection on the information compiled
Poor reflection, scarce agreement shown

Some reflection, agreement shown

Good reflection and agreements taken jointly shown

Very good reflection and clear, persuasive agreements

Class presentation

You are not a convincing presenter. Your presentation is not very interesting.

You are able to convince your audience to a point. Your presentation is somewhat interesting.

You are a satisfactory presenter. Your presentation is quite interesting.

You are a good presenter. Your presentation is very interesting

The Brochure

The guide is not organized. Text and illustrations have not been completed carefully.

The guide is somewhat organized. Text and illustrations have been completed with some care.

The guide is satisfactorily completed and organized. Text and illustrations have been completed satisfactorily.

The guide has been well organized. Text and illustrations have been completed carefully

Grammar and

A lot of mistakes in grammar and vocabulary.

You have an average number of grammatical and spelling errors. Some of them are important

Some grammar mistakes and not always good use of vocabulary.

Correct grammar and use of vocabulary

Escala de estimación:

Very bad

Not bad









In case you had the opportunity of travelling to Great Britain, which country would you like to visit? Why?

What aspects of the British culture have impressed you the most?

Of all you have learnt what would you like to include in your own culture?